Discover the beauty of Bangka Island's rich seabed

Discover the beauty of Bangka Island's rich seabed

The Bangka Island, in North Sulawesi, is of the best destinations for scuba diving. It is located in the intersection of two great oceans which are India and Pacific. The island covers dozens of dive sites which are all perfect to explore the hidden underground creatures.

Some of the perfect dive sites that you can choose from

  • Gangga Island

Gangga Island Resort's house reef hosts a large number of divers species each year. It is a volcanic slope decorated by soft corals, sponges and table coral. The area allows you to dive in the day and at nights while staying in the resort. If you want not to go further, you can explore the bio reefs which can be seen at the resort's beach. You will find some coral, reef fish, critters, shrimps, cuttlefish octopus, lobsters and many other marine species in these bio reefs.

  • Busa Bora

It is also a perfect site to practice scuba diving in Bangka Island. The site is characterized by more shallow water with an average depth of 17 meters. You can see about 5-10 down the water thanks to its clarity. Busa Bora covers a wide range of marine species such as stonefish, frogfish, crocodile fish and many other amazing creatures that you can explore while swimming through the ocean.

  • Tetonic

Situated in Talisei Island, Tetonic is composed of soft coral gardens. It has an average depth of 30 meters and sometimes has its water a bit stronger. You will have a great opportunity to explore a number of amazing underground species while diving in this area. While swimming in the depth of Tetonic, you can expect to meet many unusual marine species such as scorpion fish, moray eels, Napoleon wrasse, sea snakes, sea slugs and many other incredible plants and animals.

  • Lihaga Island

Well-known for its mandarin fish, Lihaga Island attracts a large number of tourists from many regions and countries. Mandarin fish are really amazing with their interesting lifestyle that can be discovered while diving. The best time to explore this fish species is around 5.30pm when the males come out and roam everywhere in the ocean. You will discover how the males attract the females by displaying their dorsal fins. After the female chooses its partner, they rise together to make their reproduction in open water area.

  • Tanjung Lampu

The site is mainly composed of soft and hard coral and a large variety of underground fauna and flora. Here you can find small and large fish roaming everywhere in the incredible seabed. Among the most common marine species that you can find while diving Tanjung Lampu are Napoleon wrasse, parrotfish, tuna, scorpionfish and sharks.

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