5 reasons to organize a scuba diving trip in the Bangka archipelago

5 reasons to organize a scuba diving trip in the Bangka archipelago

Bangka archipelago is a group of islands which are located in the north of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Bangka archipelago is a popular destination for scuba diving. The islands are endowed with a rich marine life diversity and an amazingly beautiful seascape. If you have a passion for beach vacation and marine life discovery, scuba diving in the Bangka archipelago is the best choice for you.

5 reasons to organize a scuba diving trip to Bangka archipelago

1. Spectacular diving spots

The Bangka archipelago is endowed with 25 spectacular diving spots. The most popular ones are:

  • Gangga Island, which is famous for its Resort House Reef
  • Bangka Island: Busa Bora, West of Bangka, and Tanjung Husi
  • Talisei Island: Tetonic, Tanjung, Lampu, North Talisei and Aer Banua
  • Lihaga Island
  • Kinabohutan
  • Tindila

2. Amazingly beautiful seascape

The Bangka archipelago is endowed with an incredibly beautiful seascape. The seascape is characterized by pristine cold-water corals and craggy lines of pinnacles, which are home to a large variety of unique marine species.

  • When scuba diving, you can admire the beauty of brightly colored pristine coral, including the bright white fungia, the yellow brain coral, and many other types of deep-water coral.
  • On top of that, it is amazing to see the craggy pinnacles which are filled with thousands of colorful fish.
  • The pinnacles can be 30 meters deep in some of the islands, with very powerful currents. Avoid the current, by staying far from the deep pinnacles.

3. Clear visibility

When scuba diving deep under the water, it is fascinating to see the marine life in the crystal clear water. You feel like seeing the different kind of deep water marine species in a large aquarium.

  • You can see hard corals and soft coral cover the surface of the seascape, where marine species reside.
  • It is also wonderful to see the some fish species schooling, while some others are shoaling deep in the ocean. Then, at the sight of their predators, they scatter, but they, then, stay connected again.
  • The visibility under the water is so clear that you can easily identify the types of fish and coral, as well as the fish behavior.
  • It is also fascinating to see the swaying green sea grasses where fish are schooling.

4. Rich marine life diversity

The diving spots in the Bangka archipelago are endowed with unique sea life. Each island is home to many kinds of fish and myriads of other living creatures.

  • Bangka island is home to crocodile fish, the big frogfish, and stonefish
  • Talisei Island is composed of a group of islets. The islets are home to the mandarin fish, green halimada ghostpipefish, leaf scorpion fish, Napoleon wrasse, tuna, cuttlefish, and the bump head parrot fish.
  • Other species can be found, including sharks, moray eels, lobsters, shrimps, and many others.

5. Rare marine species

The Bangka archipelago is a unique scuba diving destination, because of its rare marine species, particularly,

  • Soft coral,
  • Table coral,
  • Sponges,
  • Octopus,
  • The rare, brightly colored sea slugs,
  • Sea snakes.

Go scuba diving in Bangka archipelago

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