Bangka Island in Indonesia: a paradise on earth

Photo Bangka Island in Indonesia: a paradise on earth

Bangka or Banka is an Indonesian Island, situated in East Sumatra. It belongs to the list of the most beautiful islands thanks to its awesome look surrounded by ocean. Opodo agency has good brochures about this haven. A large number of tourists from outland countries are deeply inspired by Bangka. This is due to the variety of experiences and unusual life that the island offers to visitors. Look why Bangka Island is a true paradise on earth:

Bangka beautiful beaches

As an island, Bangka is rich in seaside attractions. Bangka owns a lot of outstanding beaches that are incomparable with those of other islands. The beaches are beautiful. Some of them are rarely visited but they are all attractive and nice for holidays. Among the best beaches of Bangka are Romodong Beach, Batu Dinding, Bembang Beach, and Penyusuk Beach.

Mount Menumbung

Located in Northwest of Bangka, it is a historic area settled on top of a mountain during the colonialism. The site still exists at present. It is the refuge of the former president and his vice in the time of their exile. It is one of the most important places that visitors should see during the holidays in Bangka. The road, the trees and the green garden, the old guest house and the old material inside build a very nice view to the place. Mount Menumbung is one of the most important sites that visitors should see during holidays.

Bangka Botanical Garden

Banka botanical garden gives a green and natural view to visitors. It is a paradise for selfie fans because of its wonderful view. There is a dirt road separating the two sides of the garden. A cypress tree-lined stand on both sides of the road. Apart from flowers and unusual plants, the garden also has many other attractions like the green house, the natural fish pond, the farms, etc. A restaurant is settled in the garden for tourists.

Kaolin Lake

This is one of the best lakes in Bangka. The lake has a stunning view with the blue and green color, surrounded by elevated overburden. It is turned to a beautiful lake after the tin-mining. The lake allows to take beautiful pictures during the visit. So for a good vacation in Banka Island, don't miss to see this lake.

Museum Pangkal Pinang

- If you want to know more about Banka history, go see this Museum. The place is situated in the center of Pangkalpinang city. It is a small house with very inspiring displays.

- However, it keeps insights about the Island history, especially during the tin-mining period. The visit is free for everyone.

Planning to go to Bangka Island

It will be a good opportunity to people to visit Bangka Island. The visit will give various experiences that will leave a good memory to your life. All you need is make your plan and prepare your budget. Book your flight and reserve one of the best hotels. You can arrange everything about your travel with It offers multiple services about local and international traveling.